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Printed fabric base. Snap front closure. UCN boat which snaps into base.

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Snapp-E-Diaper Large: *

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Snapp-E-Diaper is an upgrade of the well-loved AI2 system (E-Diaper) and feature:

*a printed base (cover) with super gentle leg elastics and snap closure

*a snap in boat for easy insert changes

How it works:

*the cover portion can be used for the whole day, provided that it does not get wet or contaminated with poop *The boat is wiped down each time the insert/s are replaced *inserts are replaced with each change *The Snapp-E-Diaper is a Snap and Front closure diaper

2 Sizes are available:

KG Measurements Medium (4 - 13 kgs) Large (8 - 16 kgs)

Waist Measurements M: 30 - 48cm L: 33 - 53cm