Our soft Woolie Soap melt bar was built from the ground up, ingredient by ingredient, to naturally bring the most out of your woolen garments and woolen cloth nappy covers. Packed generously with the highest-grade lanolin available for restoring and optimizing your wool garments and woolen covers. The gentle, natural components in our Woolie soap melt bar will leave your garments clean, refreshed, and more luxurious than the day you bought or made them. A small piece of Woolie soap melt bar is perfect to use as an emulsifier agent when lanolising your natural woolen covers. The Woolie soap melt bar is a luxuriously soft bar that dissolves much quicker in warm water and a product you can comfortably cut and use only as much as needed. Making this the perfect waste-free addition to your lanolising routine. Directions for woolen garments: Fill wash basin with 2-3" cold or lukewarm water, or enough to cover the garment. With a small chunk of soap, lather it up in your hands and gently squeeze the suds through your garment. Add more soap as needed. Soak 15 minutes. Rinse lightly, if desired. Block. Dry. Enjoy. Directions for woolen covers: See Sacnu's @Sacnu.com recommended guidelines on Lanolising wool. (Roodt Woolie melt bar act as the emulsifier agent)

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