A high-quality tallow-based beard conditioning balm will leave your beard full, soft, and healthy. Therefore, we formulated our Peppermint and Blood Orange beard balm to eliminate flaky skin and promote thicker and healthier beard growth. Use it to tame flyaway hairs easily and to reduce split ends. By using our Peppermint and Blood orange balm, you will manage to grow a healthy beard that looks and feels attractive, granting you more masculinity and self-confidence. How to use our beard balm for the best results? Here are some quick pointers on how to apply beard balm: It’s best to apply it when your skin is warm and slightly moist. Therefore, the best time would be just after a shower or washing your face. This way, your hair, and facial skin will absorb the natural goodness from the butter and oils. It can also be applied to dry beard throughout the day. Gently comb your beard through to work out any possible tangles or knots. Next gouge out a small amount of balm with your fingertip or spatula, then rub between your palms to warm it up. Gently massage it into the skin beneath your beard from root to tip. As a result, you will nourish your facial hair straight at the roots. Brush the balm into your beard with a boar bristle beard brush to distribute the balm evenly through your beard (optional) Use it daily or as needed to style your beard while conditioning it, and use trimmers to keep any stray hairs at bay. Make using a beard balm part of your daily beard care routine for a good looking and healthy beard. Our Peppermint and Blood orange beard balm is suitable for all skin types.

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