Best AI2
Best AI2

Our popular E-Diaper. AI2 style of diaper. Rise snaps to adjust size. Base is PUL lined with suede fabric. Velcro closure and back closure diaper. PUL boat which snaps into base. 1x Bamboo Fiber insert is included.


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Being a AI2, the Earth Diaper consists of three parts,

  • “Cradle” which consists of PUL and a Stay Dry Fabric ( No Leg Elastics) machine-washable outer, which makes for a very gentle Diaper on your Baby’s skin
  • A machine-washable, water resistant snap-in “Boat” made from PUL and Fold Over Elastic
  • And a “E-Insert” specifically designed  for the E-Diaper consisting 4 layers of Bamboo.


With your babies comfort in mind, our E-diaper fastens with a Non-Sticking Velcro (The grove surface and hair surface are smooth to the touch). This eliminates the possibility of your baby from getting scratched by the Velcro. Yellow is the only colour